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Roseanne Thong
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Racing swiftly through the graves
we launch our giant kites
so they will carry wishes
as they soar to heaven's heights
WISH takes us on a tour around the world to discover many ways that children make wishes.  From birthday candles to giant kites, from lotus boats to peacock feathers, WISH shares an array of traditions from each continent. 

Book Reviews - WISH

Smithsonian Magazine: Notable Book for Children 2008:  "A search for everyday magic serves as a window on the culture of childhood around the globe."

Kirkus Reviews:  ". . . the author and illustrator present a playfulness and a hope for better lives that is contagious."

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Booklist:  ". . . this visually captivating book highlights wishing customs in countries around the world.."

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Publisher's Weekly:  ". . . Thong (Red is a Dragon) entices readers with consistently well-rhymed verses."

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