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One is a Drummer One is a Drummer

A little girl learns numbers by counting things that come in ones, twos, threes (and up to ten) in her neighborhood. Many of the objects Asian in origin, although they all have universal appeal: 1 is the drum on a dragon boat, 2 are lucky Chinese saying for New Year, 3 are the dimsum in a steamer basket, four are the friends who play mahjong, and 5 are fishballs on a stick.

Book Reviews - One is a Drummer

Booklist:  "An appealing counting book, particularly for Chinese American children who want to learn a little about their heritage."
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School Library Journal:
  "...the presentation has enough freshness, clarity, and gorgeous traditional Chinese colors to make it enormously engaging."
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Publisher's Weekly:  Roseanne Thong and Grace Lin's "...third concept book celebrating elements of Chinese culture."
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Boise Family Magazine:  "This charming multicultural concept book combines counting with learning about Chinese culture."

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