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In this lively picture book, children discover a world of colors all around them: red are spices and swirling skirts, yellow is masa and tortillas, and brown are churros and homemade chocolate. Many of the featured objects are Latino in origin and all are universal in appeal, with rich, boisterous illustrations and a fun-to-read rhyming text. Colors are written in both English and Spanish.


Book Reviews - Green is a Chile Pepper

School Library Journal: "Where Tortilla was all about the shapes, Green Is a Chile Pepper is a colors book from start to finish. Like Tortilla it rhymes (“Green is a chile pepper, spicy and hot. / Green is cilantro inside our pot.”) this is yet another very rare picture book featuring Latino kiddos. Lovely on the eye. Rhymes to boot... ."

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Last updated November 30, 2013